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Airport, Port, Warehouse Pickup and Delivery

Airport, Port, Warehouse Pickup and Delivery

We provide pickup and delivery services at Hong Kong Airport, port, and major local warehouses on behalf of our clients.

Our airport, port, warehouse pickup and delivery services cover Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong Container Terminal, and the pickup and delivery services of major warehouses throughout Hong Kong. Whether you need to retrieve goods from the airport, port, or warehouse, or require transportation to these locations, we can provide you with efficient, safe, and reliable logistics services.


Our airport, port, warehouse pickup and delivery services have the following features:

Fast: With years of logistics experience, we can provide quick pickup and delivery services to our clients, ensuring that your goods arrive at their destination on time.

Secure: We offer comprehensive insurance coverage and security measures to ensure the best protection for your goods during transportation.

Professional: Our team consists of experienced logistics professionals who can provide clients with professional logistics solutions based on their expertise and knowledge.

Convenience: We provide round-the-clock services and offer multiple payment methods to make it more convenient for clients to use our services.


Our airport, port, warehouse pickup and delivery services can offer clients superior, comprehensive, and professional logistics services, making their logistics transportation easier while improving efficiency and cost savings.

Regardless of where you need to pick up or deliver goods, we can provide you with the best logistics solutions to ensure smooth transportation.


In addition, our company also offers warehouse storage services. Clients can arrange for their goods to be stored in our warehouses after pickup, providing them with flexibility in managing their goods.

Our pickup and delivery services mainly include the following:

  • Pickup and delivery (one pickup and one delivery per pickup order; separate pricing will be provided for splitting goods and delivering to multiple destinations)
  • Customs clearance on behalf of clients
  • Handling logistics documents (transfer forms, document sealing, collection, and return)