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Logistics Planning

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Logistics Planning

Based on different businesses and circumstances, our company can tailor and plan comprehensive logistics and warehousing solutions for our clients.

From warehousing to delivery to the hands of buyers, we coordinate each step according to client requirements, reducing client concerns, effectively lowering labor costs, and increasing efficiency.


Logistics planning is a process that aims to achieve a specific goal. Based on a thorough understanding of real and potential resources, it organically integrates various optimal resources to provide clients with the best profit margins and optimal solutions, thereby creating maximum benefits.

The emergence of logistics planning is a product of the times, a necessity for the development of the logistics industry and economic growth. It serves as a guarantee for the leapfrog development of the logistics industry.


Why Outsource Logistics Planning?

Developing planning talent within a company requires a lengthy process and significant costs, which may not be achievable within a short period of time. Reducing labor costs, vehicle costs, and increasing efficiency by concentrating funds on core business operations. Supervising the feasibility and accuracy of transportation through a professional team, aligning with the client company's transportation requirements while raising standards.


Case Study

Redesigning logistics and warehousing solutions for a chain restaurant

The entire project resulted in a monthly cost savings of HKD 30,000 for the client, allowing the company to generate more resources and have a more flexible cash flow to develop its core business.


The project includes:

Logistics outsourcing Daily pickup of frozen meat, prepared food products, semi-finished goods, and other materials from the client's factory and delivering them to branches across Hong Kong at designated times.

The client company does not need to hire drivers and does not have to worry about sudden personnel issues affecting the supply.

The client company does not need to own any vehicles, eliminating the cost and consumables associated with existing vehicles.

Warehouse outsourcing General merchandise, frozen meat, fried food, and other food products, as well as spare parts, are stored in our company's warehouse. When needed, they are transported to the required branches by our company.

The client can save warehouse space, reduce rental costs, or choose to expand the factory to increase productivity.

Redesigning logistics and warehousing solutions for a luxury goods company's exhibition materials and daily supplies

The entire project resulted in a monthly cost savings of 25% for the client.


The project includes:

Inventory count Due to insufficient monitoring of inventory in the past, the client's stock quantity and inventory were unclear. We conducted a comprehensive inventory count for the client and transitioned to using our company's online inventory system for clearer and real-time monitoring.

After the recount, the client had a clearer understanding of their inventory situation, effectively controlling stock levels.

Humidity control As the client's goods primarily consist of paper and leather, we installed four automated humidity control systems in the warehouse to ensure the protection of the client's assets.

Goods categorization Categorizing similar types of goods, compressing unnecessary space, and saving costs for the client while facilitating management.